About Us

The Inspiration

Hello and welcome!  Mystic Pup was created to honor and celebrate the bond that we share with our pups. We believe that the human-canine bond is a magical, mutually beneficial relationship that directly improves our physical, emotional and social lives.   Our motivation comes from the heartwarming connections and the incredible benefits that all dogs, especially guide dogs and therapy dogs bring into our lives.   

 Everyone loves to receive surprise boxes in the mail, especially dogs!  They definitely know when their box arrives and now you can share in the excitement with presents for both of you to enjoy in the same box! 


The Mission

Mystic Pup's mission is to inspire an experience that will help you celebrate the connection you have with your dog. We believe it's important to remember to enjoy the little things in life and that which connects us all. Remember to play. Remember to be a little messy.  Remember to slow down and turn off the screens.  Remember what it feels like to be wild and free.  Remember what it feels like to be mystic.